Random Stuff That I Think About

The Census
I finally filled out my census (yes, I realize it was due a few weeks ago).  As I was answering the ten questions I started to think about the last few questions which deal with ethnicity.  The first question deals with Hispanic background, then the next question has to do with whether you are white, black, or whatever.  Then there is a part that allows you to check off what your background is or write in.

What the hell is the point of all this?  Does it matter if you are Colombian-American or Argentinian-American?  What if you are Ainu?  Should you mark Japanese-American?  Do South African-Americans get to mark African-American?  What if you are a black person born in England, but now an American citizen?  What the hell do you mark down?

This is the stupid shit I think about for long periods of time.  No wonder I never get anything done.

Local Taxes
I also filled out my local taxes.  Another thing that is absolutely stupid.  This is the 21st century, why the hell does this stuff just not happen automatically?  I did my federal and state taxes online, local taxes should be included on that somehow.  Hopefully I did them right, I paid $9.00.

TV Shows
Is anyone else watching Justified on FX?  That show is awesome.  Timothy Olyphant is badass.  For those of you not watching, he plays a U.S. Marshall, who shot a man in Miami.  He is sent back to Kentucky (where he is from) until things cool down.  He is like a modern day cowboy, wears the hat and everything.  He also has a reputation for being a quick draw, which he has proven on occasion.

The show V is really starting to blow.  At first I had the feeling that Georgie was going to turn out to be John May.  I would explain why, but no one is watching this crapfest.

Flashforward is also starting to suck.  It seems like they just want to keep bringing in twists every week for the sake of being twisty.

I also started watching Treme on HBO.  The first episode was pretty good.  The show is created by the guy who did The Wire, which I never watched, but have heard that it was the best show ever.  The show is about New Orleans after Katrina and the musicians living in the area.  At least that is what I think the show is about.

Fuck You Google Maps
I recently attended a seminar for work.  I had to head down to Greensburg because that is where my hotel was located.  Google maps gave me directions and needless to say, they got me lost.  I took 22W to 119S, then it had me turning down SR1053.  Do you know how hard it is to find a state route sign?  They are those small white signs, like six inches wide.  I finally found a Sheetz and a guy gave me directions.  When I asked him if he knew where SR1053 was, he laughed and said “nope and I have lived here my whole life.”  The hotel bartender also had no clue, but he thought it might have been some road that actually has a name.

Hockey Playoffs
I am watching the Pens game right now and they are losing 3-1.   Nevermind, 3-2, Malkin just scored his second goal.  I feel like the Pens have a great chance to win the Cup again, but then again what the hell do I know?  As long as the Capitals do not win it…

Jonathon Sanchez pitched his second best game of his career today.  It was actually embarrassing to watch as a Pirates fan.  They were flailing around at the plate like they were facing Tim Lincecum.  Actually, the Pirates theme over the last few years has been to play well against ace pitchers (Dan Haren and Matt Cain this year) and then get destroyed by a  four or five starter.

I really want to see Kick-Ass this weekend.  So if anyone wants to go, let me know.  I have not seen a movie in theaters in awhile.  Also, I read that Iron Man 2 is projecting to be bigger than Dark Knight, at least by the amount of hype people have for the movie.  No clue where I read that though.  Or if that means it will actually be as big as DK.

Anyone that has DirecTV, do you like it?  My cable bill is way too high, I priced DTV and it seems like it would be cheaper (except that I would have to keep Comcast as my internet provider, unless Philipsburg has other options…).  I will call Comcast tomorrow and see what kind of deals they are offering, but if I get nothing satisfactory, I might be done with them.


Apparently Audrey Bitoni will be at the strip club, Blush, this weekend.   She is so freakin’ hot.  I really wish I could go down.  Speaking of hot girls, if you listen to Mark Maddon on 105.9 in Pittsburgh, you have probably heard him talk about Bree Olsen and her twitter account.  Definitely someone I would love to spend time with.  And by spend time with, I mean masturbate to some of her videos.

Just so you are clear on who is who, Bitoni is the girl on the right, Olsen is up top.