24: 12:00 p.m. to 1:00 p.m.

This episode started out way too boring.  And then, things went a little crazy.  The Russian team sent to kill Jack plays right into his hand.  He and Michael Madsen capture Pavel by using the reporter as bait.  Jack manages to kill the entire Russian team and escape Jason’s detection.

Jack then begins to torture Pavel.  He starts with pliers and instead of breaking a finger, he goes for the stomach.  After beating the crap out of him, Jack starts using a blow torch.  Unfortunately Pavel will not talk.  Well unfortunately for Pavel, awesome for us.  I am not sure if Jack uses the blow torch on Pavel’s crotch or just on his stomach.  Pavel still does not talk.

Jack gets frustrated and starts looking at Pavel’s phone, and then realizes the SIM card is missing.  He searches for it and then calls Pavel a dumb bastard for swallowing it.  He then gives Pavel a live autopsy to remove the card.  He dials the last number, and gets Charles Logan’s voice mail.  That guy has to be shitting his pants right now.

There was one stupid moment that I have to address.  Chloe and Arlo set up an alternate network using a Sprint Mobile Hotspot!  I realize that product placement happens, especially during this show, but come on, could Chloe sound more like a commercial?