24: 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

I have to say that this series finale was kind of a letdown.  The last few episodes have been pretty damn awesome, but this one was a bit boring.

-Jack putting the gun to Jason’s head in the back of the car was pretty great.  I bet Jason crapped his pants.  Actually after Jack made him suture his wound, then had him get on his knees, I guarantee Jason soiled himself.  Nice to see Jack knock him out and have that look of complete irritation that he could not bring himself to kill Jason.

-President Taylor threatening Dalia was actually pretty cool.  I wish she could have went through with it instead of having a moment of conscience.

-Jack’s plan seems pretty lame.  Chloe will get the proof out there by shooting Jack in the arm?  Nothing could possibly go wrong.  How hard would it be for them to just email this to a bunch of newspapers, or hell, upload it to YouTube?  You could do this from a phone.

-It ends with the President admitting everything, her telling Jack to run for it.  Now Jack is escaping the country (set up for a movie?) and that is that.  I would have preferred either Jack dying, maybe Jack doing something insane, like killing the Russian President and maybe even President Taylor.  That way he could go from the hero to the villain.  This ending just seemed weak, like they had done it before…maybe back when Jack faked his death, sound familiar?

Ugh.  Here is a decent review of the finale.