Ancient Aliens

Remember when I wrote about the History Channel program called Ancient Astronauts?  I figured this would be the end of such a discussion, but unfortunately I was wrong.  There is now a show called Ancient Aliens and it is pretty idiotic.

I know I should not really care too much about these kind of shows, but what upsets me is that people watch this crap and believe it.  Guess what?  They never use actual archaeologists to explain the so called evidence.  Fortunately they discussed one thing that I definitely studied, ancient Sumerian.  I actually took a graduate level course where we learned how to read Sumerian texts.  Needless to say, when they started using the Sumerian creation myth as evidence for ancient aliens, my interest was piqued.

Basically, their idea is that Anunnaki came to earth from space in order to mine gold.  Unfortunately they did not like doing the manual labor, so they created a race of people to do the heavy lifting and that is where humans came from.

The one guy points out that the term Anunnaki means “those who came from the heavens.”  That is a bit incorrect though, Sumerian text is broken down where Anu means heaven, ni (or na) means and, ki means earth.  Really it just means heaven and earth.  The Sumerians believed that their gods were not from these places, but instead they were these things.  Anu was not a guy who lived in the sky, he was the sky.  Ki is the mother goddess, but she is not just some lady, she is the actual earth.

Look, you can take almost any creation myth and change it around to aliens.  Seriously, let us look at the Finnish creation myth.  You need to scroll down to read it.  I will take the same kind of liberties that these nutjobs take.

Ilmatar (meaning female sky being), lands on earth and directs her spaceship to drop down multiple pods containing all the things that make up the earth.  From these pods terra-forming the land starts and eventually she is able to create humans as part of a science project.

See how ridiculous this seems?  Imagine a Finnish scholar read that, he would be informing me how I am a complete moron.  I expect History Channel to call by Friday.

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