Fantasy Baseball Week Eight

What a week to shit the bed.  Jason lost, plus I was playing Ryan. If I won, I could make up some ground on those guys.  Sadly I lost 8-2.  Sunday I was down 10-2, but at one point had come back to 7-4, but then Ryan had a reliever pitch well and his ERA/WHIP edged me out.

I think I made a mistake trading Prince Fielder for Andrew Bailey and Michael Cuddyer.  The saves are nice, but Cuddyer is not really a good substitute for Fielder.  By the end of the week I had dropped him and picked up Denard Span to help me with stolen bases.

Joey Votto has been hurt all week, yet is not on the DL.  Sucks for me.  Should I try to pick up another 1B?  If there was one out there, I would have picked him up by now.  Most of my hitters sucked, most of my pitchers sucked.  Ugh, I am getting frustrated…

This week I am taking on Pat, who is in fifth place behind me.  If my team does not come together and kick a little ass, then it will be time to make some changes.  Jonathan Broxton was about my only stud this week, 3 SVs, .55 WHIP and a 0.00 ERA.  Not too bad.