Fantasy Baseball Week Five

As I said last week, this should be an easy week, and fortunately for me, it was.  I destroyed Singer’s team 11-0-1.  It would have been 12-0, but one of his guys got a last minute stolen base to even us at five.  By spending a few minutes looking at everyone’s weekly stats, I can say that I would have basically destroyed just about anyone.

I made the joke midweek that I could possibly hit 100 Ks.  I actually did not believe my team could do that, but they pulled together and proved me wrong.  Lincecum had 21 Ks in two starts and Romero had 16 Ks.  Pretty good week.

I wish that we had a perfect game clause.  Dallas Braden pitches a perfect game, but it basically did nothing for me.  Boo hoo, everyone should feel bad for me.  Other pitching stats:  Tyler Clippard had three wins and one hold, pretty smart pickup on my part.  Neftali Feliz had four saves and Broxton had two (I knew it was a matter of time before he started racking them up).

My hitting stats were pretty good, and by that I mean, they were awesome.  Obviously.  Braun and Youkilis destroyed the ball, as did Prince Fielder.  I guess the big one though would be Vlad, hitting four home runs, thirteen RBIs, one SB, and a .360 batting average.  I guess he is not so washed up after all.

I moved up to fourth place with a nice 35-22-3 record.  I am only 5.5 games behind Imler and this week I take on Big Jacker, who is pretty damn bad record wise, but his team could be somewhat good.  This should be an interesting week.