Fantasy Baseball Week Four

Well this was not a great week for my team.  I tied Happy Valley Swagger 6-6.  My teams hitting started out very slow.  Then picked up at the end of the week.  Pitching was doing fine except for Edwin Jackson and his two losses and giving up an assload of runs.

Picking up Tyler Clippard was a smart move, since it seems that most people have ignored holds.  It is an easy statistic to win if you have the right player.  Clippard only had one hold, which was enough for the win.

My big player of the week was Jason Heyward:  5 R, 3 HR, .350 AVE, 7 RBI, and a .440 OBP.  Yeah, not a bad free agency pickup after the draft.  I decided to drop Jackson and pick up Colby Lewis from Texas.  I hope that he can bring the ERA down from the high fives, to maybe the low threes…

This dropped me to fifth place and leaves me 12 games behind Jason.  Not too fear though, I take on Singer’s Sluggers, who it appears is not paying attention and has three starters on the DL.  Actually this is what frustrates me:  only the beginning of May and most people are not actually competing in the league.  My luck though, Singer’s team will destroy me and I will look stupid…

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Four

  1. Sorry about Edwin Jackson dude… I feel partly responsible.. In the end, we have dropped all the players from our trade except 3 – Wright, Dunn, and Hanson. I think in the end it was pretty balanced since you got a good 3B and I got a good pitcher. Dunn… meh.

    Speaking of Dunn, have you ever seen a fantasy offense underachieve more than mine? ARod, Dunn, DLee, and Reyes are all having terrible years thus far. I think Billy Butler is my most reliable player. Luckily I’m still in second place because my pitching and cheap wins in holds and saves have been awesome.

    And I barely beat Singer last week so don’t feel too bad if it’s close…

  2. It’s cool. I was not real big on Jackson to begin with, but when you think about it, the trade between us was even, but in the end it ended up being in my favor (since I flipped Wright for Fielder/Soo-Choo).

    It is a pretty good start for me (11-1). Unless his players go on some ridiculous tear this weekend (considering he has 3 DL players starting), i should be fine.

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