Fantasy Baseball Week Seven

I barely beat Gideon, 7-5.  It was 6-6 going into the Yankees/Mets game Sunday night.  I figured I was done, since I had no one playing and I think he had three guys.  Not sure what happened, but I ended up with another category and won the week. 

Honestly, I was not really paying too much attention this week.  Mainly because of my stupid work schedule and the tendency to get up fifteen minutes before I had to leave.  Then getting home, I would fall asleep before I got the chance to do any real research.  Needless to say, it showed.  Fortunately I will do better this week because my schedule changes and I will have more time to endlessly browse fangraphs articles about players.  Believe me, that site helps a fantasy guy out.

Both of our teams played pretty well to be honest.  Gideon’s line was one of those that is usually good enough to win, and mine was the kind that is just good enough to lose.  Oddly enough, it worked out the other way.  That is the kind of season Gideon seems to be having though.

I refuse to mention a Red Sox player as my big gun for the week, so instead I will lie and say it was Joey Votto.  Woo-hoo, go Votto!

This week I take on Ryan, who is in third place and I am in fourth place.  I made a trade with Imler that may have been a mistake, or it may have been huge.  I will discuss it next week though, since it went into effect today. 

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week Seven

  1. ironically, i feel the same way about our trade. Bailey has been poised to garner big numbers all season, he just needs the team to actually put him in save situations. he is pitching great though.

    cuddyer is in such a strong lineup that as long as the twins play well, he should bring in good numbers.

    i am just counting on fielder and the brewers to really turn it around. i also wanted to get some value for a spot that i needed to add an extra middle reliever, as last week 2 of my middle relievers were promoted to closers…

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