Fantasy Baseball Week Six

Ugh, this was definitely not a good week for my team.  Almost every single one of my players decided to just not show up.  That is not an exaggeration either.  I got smacked around 8-2 by a team that is not nearly as good as mine.  Pretty ridiculous. 

The worst had to be Ryan Braun, who hurt his elbow and then missed a few games.  His line this week was atrocious.  All zeroes and a .143 average.  Not a good week for my number one player.  I cannot even explain how crappy everyone else played.

The only positive spot was Ricky Romero who had 12 Ks, a win, 0.00 ERA and a .67 WHIP.  I am still in fourth place with a 37-30-5 record and just 10.5 games out of first place, which is owned by Imler.  I am taking on Gideon this week.  I hope this week some of my guys decide to show up.

In the other league, I dropped from first place to fifth place after Sunday.  What happened Sunday?  My team had two hits!  Two fucking hits.  2/42!!!  That means a .048 batting average.  That is by far super crappy.  Ugh.