Girlfriend of the Week

I know you have been wondering where the GOTW has been and well let me tell you:  I have been working on this. This is just about every girl that has ever been on Lost.  There are a few that I just could not find a picture for, but this is just about all of them.  You will notice the old ladies and the young girls are on here as well.  I did not discriminate.

After the jump is a list of every one of these girls.

Alexandra Krosney
Alice Evans
Alicia Rae
Allison Janney
Andrea Gabriel
Andrea Roth
Angelica Perreira
Anne Bedian
April Grace
Ashleigh Ann Wood
Bai Ling
Beth Broderick
Brittany Perrineau
Brooke Mikey Anderson
Carrie Preston
Cynthia Watros
Diana Scarwid
Elisabeth Blake
Elizabeth Mitchell
Emilie de Ravin
Evangeline Lilly
Faith Fay
Gabrielle Fitzpatrick
Grisel Toledo
Ivana Michele Smith
Jackie Maraya
Jenny Chang
Jenny Gago
Jill Kuramoto
Joanna Bool
Julie Ow
Julie Bowen
June Kyoto Lu
Katey Sagal
Katie Doyle
Kelly Rice
Kiele Sanchez
Kiersten Havelock
Kim Dickens
Kimberly Estrada
Kimberly Joseph
Kristin Richardson
L. Scott Caldwell
Lana Parrilla
Lela Loren
Leslie Ishii
Lillian Hurst
Madeline Carroll
Maggie Grace
Marguerite Moreau
Marsha Thomason
Mary Mara
Mary Ann Taheny
Maya Henssens
Meilinda Soerjoko
Melissa Farman
Michelle Arthur
Michelle Forbes
Michelle Rodriguez
Mira Furlan
Mirelly Taylor
Molly McGivern
Monica Dean
Natasha Goss
Paula Malcomson
Rachel Ticotin
Rebecca Mader
Reiko Aylesworth
Robin Weigert
Roxanne Day
Roxanne Sarhangi
Sabrina Carlye
Sally Strecker
Samantha Mathis
Sandra Le Bat
Sarah Farooqui
Sheila Kelley
Sonya Walger
Sora Jung
Starletta Dupois
Sung Hi Lee
Susan Gibney
Susan Duerden
Susse Budde
Suzanne Krull
Suzanne Turner
Swoosie Kurtz
Tamara Taylor
Tania Kahale
Tania Raymonde
Terasa Livingstone
Tess Yong
Thekla Reuten
Tomiko Lee
Tracy Middendorf
Vanessa Branch
Veronica Hamel
Wendy Braun
Wendy Pearson
Yunjin Kim
Zoe Bell
Zuleikha Robinson

That is a long list.  Hope ya enjoy…