I Had A Dream!

Over the past two week, I have had two pretty cool zombie dreams.  Normally I would not want to share a dream, mainly because they are usually so stupid that no one would ever want to hear about it, but come on, two zombie dreams?  I have to share.

Dream One
This one started out with work stuff.  Basically zombies begin devouring everyone during Mother’s Day.  A few of us escape work (due to me pushing the one overweight coworker into the zombie horde) and use my car to escape.  Apparently my car has secret compartments full of guns.  For some reason we end up in North Dakota playing a game of softball.  Yep, not a scary dream, kind of like Shaun of the Dead.

Hell, I can even tell you what the dream probably meant.  The fact that Mother’s Day was going to be busy probably was weighing on my mind, it would feel like a horde of monsters attacking us.  My car having compartments, well when I was changing my tire I found that every part for the spare is hidden in some secret compartment.  This dream was not really that mind blowing.  But, I woke up from it laughing.

The next dream was not so cool.

Dream Two
Last night I watched Diary of the Dead (it pretty much sucked) and then went to sleep.  The dream that happened caused me to wake up in a cold sweat.  It was pretty intense.

I am not sure if I was in the dream or if I was somehow watching it like a movie.  It took place in an office building, like a huge skyscraper.  We were being chased by zombies.  These were at first your typical zombies:  slow, dumb, easy to defeat with a shot to the head.  Then something caused them to change.  Somehow their brains shifted to someplace else in their body (I have no idea how this happens) and caused them to be smarter and to be incredibly difficult to kill.

They also gained some speed and agility.  They have us trapped on the tenth floor.  The one female in our group was bitten and failed to mention that to any of us (there is always one of these jerks in the group).  She turns and begins terrorizing us.

I do not know how the dream ended, I am guessing I was about to be eaten.  I just know that the closing shot of my dream needs to be put into a movie (Hollywood, feel free to use this scene).  The office building had one of those giant, glass elevators in the center of the building.  For some reason there was an elephant and his keeper inside the elevator.

I have no idea why there was an elevator inside the building.  Maybe there was some kind of convention or some shit.  Anyways, the elevator is going up slowly and the zombies are throwing themselves at the glass.  Other zombies are using them as a kind of zombie-ladder.  As the elevator struggles to go up, the zombies are now level with the elephant and they are beating on the glass.  This causes the elephant to rear up and try to smash them with its feet.  The glass cracks and the zombies begin to crawl over the glass and start savagely tearing into the flesh of the elephant.

I do not know if you can see how terrifying that scene would be, but trust me, it was terrifyingly awesome!