Lost: Episode 614

This was an excellent episode.  All sorts of crazy stuff happens.  In fact, people died!  Without further adieu, let’s get to it.

On The Island
Widmore’s group has taken Sawyer’s group prison and puts them in the cage.  He does this by threatening to shoot Kate, which causes Sawyer to relinquish his gun.  Kate does not believe that Widmore would shoot her, but Sawyer confirms that she is not one of the candidates because of what he saw in the cave.

Jack, Sayid, and SmokeLocke head to the rescue.  The Smoke Monster attacks (why do people shoot at a cloud of smoke?) and pretty much kills everyone.  Jack comes to the cages and helps free everyone.  Sayid took out the fence generator (is the generator outside the fence?  Why did Sayid have no trouble disabling it, yet SmokeLocke could not mess with it?)

They head for the plane, but SmokeLocke found a bomb on the plane and he informs everyone that Widmore wants to load them into a nice closed space and then kill them all.  They decide to take the submarine.  Sawyer tells Jack to prevent SmokeLocke from getting on the sub.

Widmore ambushes them and it turns into a nice firefight.  Kate gets hit in the shoulder, Jack knocks SmokeLocke into the water, but has to get on the sub to help Kate.  Claire gets left behind.  Once on board they begin to dive, but then they find the bomb from the plane inside Jack’s pack with a timer attached for about four minutes left.

Sayid says that if you pull the two wires, the bomb should be disarmed as long as the wires are pulled at the exact same time.  Sawyer is about to do it when Jack says something extremely important.  He says that SmokeLocke has been leading them to this point the entire time.  That he cannot kill them, but he does need them dead, hence the reason he was so adamant about everyone being on the sub.

Jack says that nothing will happen to them, that SmokeLocke is not allowed to harm them, but if they pull the wire, then they will be hurting themselves.  Sawyer cannot take that chance and pulls the wires.  The timer stops, but then goes extremely fast.

Sayid tells Jack where Desmond is located and that SmokeLocke wanted him dead.  Sayid then grabs the bomb and runs away from everyone else.  The bomb explodes and the sub starts to sink.  The explosion causes a hatch to explode towards Frank (it looks like he is dead as well).

Sun is pinned inside the sub, Jin and Sawyer try to rescue her.  Hurley wants to go for Sayid, but Jack says he has to get Kate out because Sayid is dead.  The sub suddenly buckles and Sawyer gets knocked out.  Jack has to get him out of there as well.

Sun wants Jin to leave her, but he refuses.  They kiss and the sub goes down.  They are both dead.  Seriously, four people dead in one episode.  When was the last time four major characters died in one season, let alone one episode?  Okay, maybe Frank is not dead or a major character…

We then see SmokeLocke and Claire watching as the sub never resurfaces and the survivors turn up.  He starts to walk away when Claire asks where he is going and he replies that he is going to finish what he started.

Locke wakes up after surgery and Jack informs him that he is a candidate for a new surgery that could restore feeling in his legs.  Locke refuses.  Jack obviously cannot let it go and needs to why.  He finds out that Locke’s father is a vegetable.  Locke explains that he got his pilot’s license and took his father out for his first solo flight.  They crashed, Locke was paralyzed, but his father was a complete vegetable.

Jack uses the same story Locke used at the airport about Christian to apply to Locke’s father.  He says that Locke needs to stop punishing himself.  Locke still refuses and Jack says “I wish you had believed in me.”  Which is what Locke wrote in his suicide note to Jack.

-Jack must be the greatest swimmer in the world.  He just pulled Sawyer out of the water, and he does not seem to be all that tired.

-I was so glad that Jack was right about the bomb.  It just makes me happy that he is fitting into this role of Jacob.

-I am sad that Sun and Jin did not make it.  I almost cried.

-In the flashsideways, did anyone catch the scene where Jack offers Claire the candy bar?  Remind you of when Jacob gave Jack a candy bar?

-Also, in one time-line Jack is trying to save Locke because he is a candidate, but in another time-line Locke is trying to kill Jack because he is a candidate.  I find that interesting.

-Naturally we get another question revolving around the music box.  I do not even want to speculate.

I am super excited for next week.  Apparently we get to see something more about the Man in Black and Jacob.