Lost: Episode 615

What a great episode!  It focused on the Man in Black and his brother Jacob.  We get to see their birth and how they they came to the point they are today.  Well we sort of see how they got to where they are now.  I am not going to recap the episode, mainly because if you did not watch it, just stop reading this right now and go watch it on abc.com or something.  Instead I will just give my thoughts and theories.

-As the two babies were born, notice how they were wrapped in blankets:  Jacob in a white blanket, MiB in a black one.  Is it their destiny to be the way they are, or is it free will?  I love pointing out the obvious since this is a major theme of the show.

-I am definitely glad they drifted into English at the beginning of the episode, I really did not want to listen to people speaking Latin the entire time.

-So the real question is:  what kind of power does Mother have?  She said that she made it so that the boys could never harm each other and also she tells MiB that they do not have to worry about ever being dead.  Also, did anyone else think that when she died Jacob seemed to understand more and almost knew what would happen when he threw MiB into the light?

-The island is basically the center of creation, the light being what makes up a person’s soul?  Am I the only one who felt that way?

-Is the Smoke Monster a separate being than MiB, who can only take on the appearance of a dead person, or did MiB’s soul somehow become entwined with the Smoke Monster?  His physical body died, but he is clearly not dead.

-Any theories on what MiB’s name could be?  I am still saying that his name is Esau.  Evidence, aside from none, well he is hairy.  Actually, in the Bible, Esau was supposed to receive the birthright, but through deception from the twin’s mother, Jacob received it.  Mother does tell Jacob that she favored MiB, but that was the wrong choice.  I know, it’s a real stretch, but I just cannot believe that there is no connection between the fact that they are twins and one is named Jacob…

-We at least know who the little kid is that keeps popping up on the island in front of SmokeLocke (and by the other candidates).  Kid Jacob…at least I think that was him.

What else did you folks notice from the episode?

4 thoughts on “Lost: Episode 615

  1. I don’t think they’d go the Jacob and Esau route, though the similarities are there. If they did choose to do that, would the island be equivalent to the garden of eden, with the light cave representing the tree of knowledge? They’re told not to “partake” of it; that some bad ish would go down if they were to do so.

    It’s still open as to how much of the MiB is now the smoke monster. I would’ve preferred it if his body never came back out. The way things are there’s just needless complexity.

  2. As usual, I do believe that i’m overthinking this. The MiB’s name is probably Lance. The two of them are just brothers, there is no significance to them at all….

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