Lost: Episode 616

Let me explain something to all of my avid readers (there are three):  the creators of this show did not have this thing planned from the beginning.  I am guessing they started to figure this stuff out around the fourth season, maybe the third, but definitely not during the first two seasons.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me also say that there will be many questions left unanswered.  Last week I pondered the idea of Jacob and MiB being from the Bible (Jacob and Esau).  Now though, I seriously doubt they will ever tell us his name.

I also believe that the island will never truly be explained.  People will write books about their theories and whatnot.  Some writers will probably expand the Lost-universe through comics and novels.  Trust me, this is not the end.

On the Island
Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, and Kate decide to head to the well to find Desmond.  Hurley runs into the little kid, who takes the ashes of Jacob and gives them to adult Jacob.  Hurley gets the rest of the group and they can all see Jacob.  They sit around a fire and have themselves a little palaver (as my hero Roland would say).

Jacob explains that one of them must volunteer to become the protector of the island.  Kate asks why her name was crossed out on the cave wall, Jacob responds that it was only a line of chalk through a name.  He did not want her because she had become a mother.  Much to no one’s surprise, Jack volunteers.  Actually it was pretty cool the way there was no discussion, no thought.  He just stood up and said that he would do it.  I also loved when he makes the comment about what he is there for, Jacob asks if it is a question and Jack says nope…very cool.

Jacob has Jack drink from a cup and says some weird incantations and then when he is done, he tells Jack that he is like him now.  He gives him directions to the light source and says that he must protect it from the Monster.

Speaking of SmokeLocke…
Widmore and his girl meet up with Ben, Richard, and Miles.  They find out that SmokeLocke is coming to Ben’s house, so Ben offers to hide them.  Miles runs away and Richard goes to talk to SmokeLocke.  That goes well for Richard.  He gets tossed aside by the Smoke Monster.

Ben tells SmokeLocke where Widmore is hiding.  They go inside and SmokeLocke slits the girl’s throat.  Widmore starts to tell SmokeLocke why he brought Desmond to the Island, because SmokeLocke promises to allow Penny to live.  Ben shoots Widmore and says that his daughter does not deserve to live.

SmokeLocke and Ben head to the well, but Desmond is not there.  SmokeLocke is glad that Sayid did not shoot him.  Apparently because of his resistance to electromagnetism, he can help SmokeLocke destroy the Island.

I will sum this up quick.  Everything is starting to tie together.  Desmond is the key, he seems to understand everything.  He helps Kate and Sayid escape jail with the help of Hurley.  He convinces Locke to get the surgery (which he agrees to) and he lies to Jack that Oceanic has his father’s body.  He is trying to get the group together for something…

-I really have none at this point.  I think that Desmond will somehow go into the light, yet he shall come out.  The good guys will win, the bad guys will lose.  I am excited to see how it ends, but I am not really going to spend too much time thinking about it until then.

-It is funny though how some characters are just redundant at this point.  What the hell is Kate even around for?  I mean, she is hot, yet has she really done anything in the last six episodes?  Same with Miles.

-Jack’s tattoo pretty much comes true.  Well that is good, right?

-I am sure people are really over-thinking the Light.  Jacob’s mother told us what it is, kind of the heart of the world, everyone has a little bit of it.  Whatever you want to call it.  This is another one of those things that people are probably freaking out over, trying to decide what exactly it is.  What are the properties/rules/whatever else you can think of concerning some light…

Anyways, the episode was very good.  I am super pumped for the finale.