Lost: The End

I am not going to sit here and tell you what happened during the series finale.  You watched it, you should know.  Instead I am just going to tell you what I thought about it.  But first, allow me to explain how I started watching the show.

The end of the summer after it aired I was at Best Buy and saw the box set on sale for $25 or something.  I had heard about the show through Wizard Magazine, and knew that it was something that most geeks were claiming was awesome.

Kacie and I started watching it and we buzzed through five or six episodes in a row.  Hell, when she went to work I would keep watching episodes and then watch them again when she came home and pretend I was surprised.  It was that good.

Unfortunately, by the time we finished, season two had already started and we decided to avoid and by the DVD when it came out.  Which is what we did, and again it was the same thing, us pulling a marathon of Lost.

Season three is when I finally started watching it on television.  This is also when I started writing about the show.  Most people think that I must be some kind of die-hard Lostie, who thinks the show is the greatest thing ever.  And that is simply not the case.  Do not get me wrong, I love the show, but I see that it has flaws.  However, I see past those flaws and see the inner-beauty of the show.  Now if only I did that with girls.

Despite what the creators have side, I do not believe they ever had a clue where the show was going after season two.  Hence the reason the DHARMA stuff was introduced and the whole fertility on the island stories.  I think as they went on they decided that it was a little more fantasy than science-fiction.  There is nothing wrong with changing a story in the middle.  Unfortunately there are people out there who cannot accept this, they need to know why there were polar bears on the island.  How can it be moved?  What was the deal with Walt?

These are questions that will never be answered, or have already been answered and people just did not hear them.  The polar bears were on the island because the DHARMA initiative was doing experiments on them.  Sawyer learned how to get their treats, remember?  That is what the creators would tell you.

Other questions, well those are questions that you must answer for yourself.  And that is what I will now attempt to do.  Answer my own questions.

What Happened
If you saw the ending, you know that it ended the way it began:  with Jack’s eye.  There will be multiple articles written on what people think this means, aside from the obvious:  he is dead.  The parts in the church reminded me of the Inn in Sandman where everyone waits out a storm.  They are not truly dead yet.  And apparently the Island was the most important thing to happen to them.  It helped shape their lives.

The show is called Lost.  I am sure you never realized this, and I am sure I have also said this before.  The title does not just refer to the characters being lost on an island in the middle of the ocean.  The first thing we learned from seeing all the flashbacks early on was that these characters were lost as people.
-Jack:  problems with his dad, cannot accept defeat, control-freak, we could really go on forever.
-Kate:  running from the law and from her past
-Sawyer:  seeking revenge, being an all around jerk

I think that illustrates my point (interesting that the main characters all had some kind of father issue).  These characters were not perfect.  I could really could go on with more examples, but you get the drift (I hope).

Once on the Island we see that these characters begin to overcome those issues in their own ways.  Kate returns to LA and stops running.  She becomes a mother, we see that even on the island though, she is always very protective of the group.  Sawyer settles down with Juliet, he stops being such a jerk to everyone.

And then there is Jack.  While on the island, Jack becomes a strong leader to the group.  Unfortunately off the island, he falls apart.  Jack knows that his destiny is on the island.  He then chooses to accept that destiny.  He drinks from the cup, he takes over the role of Jacob and he defeats Locke.

From the beginning, we had to assume that it would always come down to Locke vs. Jack.  Remember early on?  Locke believed the island was special and that they belonged there.  Jack thought he was insane.  They fought over so many things back in the early days.  Later, SmokeLocke told us that Locke was an idiot and never got anything right.  That is not the truth, he did get something right:  it was destiny that brought them to the island, and the island did have a purpose for them.  Unfortunately, that person was Jack and not Locke.

What is the Island?
I do believe Jacob when he told Richard that the Island is the cork that keeps evil from escaping into the world.  The Light is the source, maybe where our soul comes from, who knows.  I guess it depends on what you believe in.  The Light is what keeps the world going, if the Light goes out, Darkness will sweep the land and all shall be doomed.

Fortunately, Hurley is now the protector of the island (I loved his conversation with Ben outside the church, where Hurley says how he was a great number two, implying that they had a good time on the island) and as Ben tells him, maybe he does not need to play by Jacob’s rules, he can make his own.

No more sucking people to the island in order to play a chess match with a Man in Black over human nature.  Maybe Hurley just let the Island be, hung out with Rose and Bernard, let them live for a long time and then called it quits.  He then had Vincent drink from the cup.  Vincent is now the protector of the Island (in the far away future that is).

Did I enjoy it?
Yes.  I had to think about it for a good bit though.  I am sure that I will watch it again at some point.  Actually, I would love to watch the entire series again.  My initial thought was that it was a little bit too much like C.S. Lewis.   It worked for the show though.  I feel bad for most of the actors though, fans of the show will never be able to watch them on something and not think of them as their characters.

Except for Locke and Ben.  If they do a show together (I have heard they pitched a cop show to networks), that would be awesome.

Anyways, what did you think of it?  What are some of your favorite moments from the series?