Taser All Phillies Fans

For those of you that watch ESPN or read anything in the papers, you probably saw that a Phillies fan was tased last night after running out onto the field.  I listened to a good bit of the arguments and figured I should throw my two cents into the discussion.

The argument is that this is a good deterrent for people thinking about doing the same thing and maybe doing something really bad, like stabbing someone or beating up an umpire.  Mike Golic makes the point though that yes, it might deter drunk morons from running onto the field for attention, but it will not stop someone with serious intent.

Personally, I agree with both points.  Put up signs saying that if you enter the field, police will use a taser to render you unconscious.  People are saying that if someone gets hurt because of tasing (or dies), then it will become a big deal.  If there are ample warnings to fans, would the team (or police) still be liable if someone gets hurt?  Unfortunately, if someone wants to say kill Edwin Jackson for ruining his rate stats that wake in a fantasy league, then a taser warning is not going to stop the individual.

Honestly though, why the hell are people still running onto the field?  It is lame.  You piss people like me off because I am actually interested in the game.  Not some drunken idiot running around.  Screw the taser, I think the moron should be hit with a bat or tackled, like in the following video:

The real mystery to me is that this kind of thing does not happen more often in Philadelphia.  I would expect a Phillies fan to be tased about once a week.  I seem to remember a Phillies fan murdering someone either last year or two years ago?

Also, did the dude in the photo piss his pants?