Fantasy Baseball Week Eleven

I beat James 8-2, but did not make up any ground because Ryan, Jason, and Offord all won by almost the same margin.  I actually had a small scare at the beginning of the week.  I woke up late on Wednesday and did not have time to set my pitchers, so I missed out on two wins and a bunch of strikeouts.  Sadly, we tied in wins and James won the Ks.  Damn, I could have beat him 10-1…oh well though.

My hitting was a little off, but that was also my fault.  I kept debating who to start on certain days regarding Stanton/Vlad/Glaus.  Everyday I seemed to make the wrong choice.  I missed out on Stanton’s grand slam, last week I missed Glaus’ 4/5 day with 2 homers (I think that was his stat line)…oh well, you cannot be right all the time.

My big hitter was definitely Carlos Santana.  .471 average, .491 OBP, a home run, and 5 RBI?  Not a bad week at all.  I think Lincecum would have been my best pitcher, if I had started him.  Instead the honor goes to Colby Lewis for his one win and nine strikeouts.  Oh and Texas closer, Neftali Feliz for picking up four saves.  Damn impressive week for Texas pitchers.

This week I take on Offord, who is right ahead of me in the standings.  I must beat him.  That is all there is to it.

Other Baseball Stuff
Instead of boring everyone with a second baseball post this week, I figured I would mention this whole Pirates fire Pierogi runner because of facebook story.  In case you cannot read (what are you doing here?), the Pirates fired a kid (he is 24) who is one of their pierogi racers for posting some disparaging comments on facebook about the Pirates front office.

First of all, this should not be a story.  The newspapers would not run a story about this kid if he was fired for smoking weed in the bathroom, then why post this kind of story?  Well obviously there are reasons, mainly to fire up the angry fan base.  Whatever.

As you are well aware, I do not mention my place of work on here and that is because I was warned about saying anything negative about the company.  Write some negative comments on your facebook status about your boss and see how long you keep your job.

The part that cracks me up was how his mom made such a big deal about he was a lifelong fan and all that.  It reminded me of George Carlin’s last stand-up.  Check it out about the 4:30 mark where he talks about Bobby…

This kid got warned for violating policy, then violated policy again.  He says it was because there was a miscommunication involving his schedule.  That sounds to me that he partied too much one night and then missed work.  I hear that crap all the time from my employees.

People need to realize this is not a violation of his rights, this is the world we live in.  If you choose to write a blog, have a facebook account, or use twitter, then you also have to realize that there can be consequences for your actions.

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week Eleven

  1. that last part is very true. your rights protect you from the government, not each other or your employer. i get tired about hearing how such and such company violated my right to free speech. no they didn’t, because that company is not the government.

    your employer has to abide by certain rules regarding interacting and contracting with you and so do you. not disrespecting them is a generally considered to be a term of that agreement.

    i guess there is only 1 real exception, you can’t be discriminated against for any legally protected reason.

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