Fantasy Baseball Week Nine

Ugh, I lost again.  This time 7-5 to Pat.  That drops me to fifth place with a 51-50-7 record.  Basically I got destroyed on the hitting stats.  This is starting to get frustrating.  I fear that I might get drastic and do something silly/stupid (not that the Fielder trade does not already count).

I decided to look at the full stats to see if my team was just this bad, or just unlucky.
Runs:  320 (rank:  2), Record:  2-6-1
Home Runs:  81 (3), 4-5
RBI:  298 (3T), 4-5
SB: 52 (4), 5-2-2
AVG:  .273 (8), 2-7
OBP:  .364 (2), 3-6

Damn, that is actually kind of depressing.  Granted I am in 5th place, but how do you have the second most runs and have only one two wins?  That is one of the bad things about a head-to-head league.  Now let us look at the pitching stats (maybe my luck evens out on that side?).
Wins:  41 (2T), 4-3-2
Saves:  49 (2), 7-2
Ks:  568 (1), 6-3
Holds:  9 (5), 5-2-2
ERA:  3.53 (5), 4-5
WHIP:  1.28 (5T), 5-4

I cannot believe I have three losses in strikeouts.  I am 31 Ks ahead of second place and about 80 ahead of third place.  The good thing about looking at something like this is that it helps me see where my team needs help.  Things have to even out eventually.  My team is scoring runs, so I do not need to try to add more runs.  In fact, I could probably give up a closer or two and try to pick up some average (although, I could do that just by adding a few candidates and my dropping Matt Wieters…)

I picked up Mike Stanton, the home run crusher that the Marlins just called up.  He was considered the third best prospect behind Jason Heyward and some Strasburg guy.  I figured I would add him because it always seems like a guy will hit a home run in their MLB debut.  I figure it cannot really hurt too much.  Denard Span was absolutely atrocious last week.