Fantasy Baseball Week Ten

Now these are the kind of weeks that I truly enjoy.  Seeing that my team is as good as I thought.  I played the first place team and utterly destroyed him.  Beat him 11-1.  He only beat me in home runs, which is funny because Prince Fielder hit three (and judging by his average, that was his only three hits).

I made some moves such as picking up Mike Stanton and Carlos Santana.  Yes they are rookies, but along with Heyward and Strasburg, these were the highest rated prospects in the minors coming into the season.  Those moves paid off, especially since I was able to bench Wieters.  His lack of production has been killing my average all season.

My pitching was also pretty damn dominant, mainly being led by, well there were actually a few.  Mainly Colby Lewis and his two wins and fifteen strikeouts, but also Tyler Clippard.  He had two holds, his first save, five strikeouts, and a nice 0.00 ERA/0.55 WHIP.   And he wears those cool glasses…

I would like Ryan to thank me because my beat down of Jason allowed him to jump into first place.  I also moved into fourth place and I am only 10.5 games back as opposed to 18 games back like I was last week.  This week I take on James, who does not pay attention and I should have no problem beating.  Hopefully Gideon can beat up on Ryan and I can gain some ground…

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