Fantasy Baseball Week Twelve

This was a week I needed to win, or at least lose with some dignity.  I did neither and helped Offord leap frog into first place.  Always good to help a friend I suppose.  Offord beat me 8-3, sadly most of the week was crappy for both of us.  I am sure Offord would disagree, but my team sucked and it was still kind of close…

My team decided to only hit one day this week and that was Sunday.  My team hit four homers to tie it up on Sunday.  I think going into the day my team was only hitting about .195, but after that it jumped to .220.  If they would have hit at all during the week it would have been a better match up.

Pitching was pretty well even.  Tyler Clippard and some of my other relievers decided it was a good week to just suck it up.  Which is bound to happen at times, but really sucks when they all do it at the same time.

I made some changes, I dropped Happ and Starlin Castro.  I picked up Mike Aviles and Troy Tulowitzki.  Yes, I realize that Troy is on the DL, but someone dropped him.  He will be back at the end of July (I think) and he will be an immediate upgrade over the shitty shortstops I have been using.

My big player this week was Heath Bell, who had four saves and seven strikeouts with a 0.00 ERA and a 1.15 WHIP.  Nice job Heath.  Screw the rest of you guys.  This keeps me at fourth place (technically third place because Offord and Ryan are tied for first with Imler in second, but whatever) with a 73-61-10 record.  I need to beat the crap out of whoever I play this week in order to get back into the race.  Those three are like 10.5 games ahead of me.