Girlfriend of the Week

This week’s GOTW is Lucia Micarelli, who plays Annie on Treme.  If you ever watched the show, you would know that Annie is the super cute violinist with the dickbag boyfriend.  What you might not have known was that she is actually a musician.

Now, I am not going to sit here and tell you how I am a huge jazz fan or that I even remotely understand jazz, but from watching the show, I have grown to appreciate it and kind of want to start listening to it.  I also would like to start listening to her music as well.

Aside from being cute and sexy (which can be such a hard combination to pull off at times), and then when you see her playing her violin, such passion.  Definitely a huge turn-on…now as long as she kills Sonny before the end of this season and ends up with me, I will be happy.

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