Treasure Hunting

The other day, Adam and I went up to our Dad’s house in order to visit him for Father’s Day.  Over the past about five years, he has asked us to come up and get the stuff from our youth.  As I have told him before, I really do not want any of it, unless there are some comics.  I have also said that I would take some of the baseball cards (mainly the complete sets) and Star Wars stuff.

Adam and I are taken into the old junk room, which is supposedly full of all this stuff.  Wow, talk about some ridiculous stuff to save.  We did not go through everything, in fact we grabbed two giant tubs which were full of stuff and brought them to my place where we went through them.  We only kept a few things, the rest we tossed in the dumpster.

The funny thing was how much idiotic stuff was saved in the room.  Like computer disks.  I am not talking CD-ROM, I am talking floppy disks.  Yes, 5.25″ and 3.5″ floppy disks.  I cannot even remember the last time I saw a computer with a floppy drive, especially a 5.25″ drive.  Why would anyone save shit like that?

Another fun find:  a poster of Bob Dylan in concert, which we bought for Dad a few years ago.  Nice to see that he cared enough about our present to actually hang it up.  Also, Adam found a tap for a keg.  It looks like it is from 1975 and it is definitely from a local beer distributor.  I told him he should take it in and see if he can still get his deposit back.

This is the stuff I decided to keep:  some Anakin Skywalker collector thing, probably worth nothing.  My scrapbook from junior high wrestling (has a great description by me of one of my matches:  “I got decked.”), a book that Adam read (Raptor Red), 1989 Upper Deck complete baseball card set (anyone want to buy? Has Griffey’s rookie card…), and Mind Trap (some weird game that asks questions, which I might post on here occasionally for fun).

I also picked up my shotgun and my rifle.  I really have no idea what I will do with them.  I could take them out and shoot stuff.  I could sell them (again, any takers?  Mossberg 835 twelve gauge and a .243 Winchester Rifle), that is always a good possibility.  I thought about modifying the shotgun into a pistol grip and maybe sawing off the barrel…make it more mobile for the Zombie Apocalypse.  Never know when that shit will happen.

I will try to keep you folks abreast of any more cool findings while treasure hunting in the subbasement of my childhood home.

One thought on “Treasure Hunting

  1. I’ve still got my 5.25 1541 disk drive from my Commodore 64. And like 3 boxes of disks.

    …and I’ll bet you that the Anakan Skywalker thingy is worth something. Any old Star Wars toy is. The more obscure, the more money.

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