True Blood: Season Three Premiere

Like last season, I will not be writing about this show each week.  Unless there is something awesome that I feel like talking about, then I will write about it.  How does that sound?

This season picked up where we left off, Bill kidnapped, Eggs dead, Jessica eating a trucker, and everyone going back to normal and not knowing what happened because of Maryann.  The episode was pretty awesome and pretty intense.

-The guys that kidnapped Bill, I wonder whose orders they were falling?  The werewolves we see at the end, or maybe some vampire in Mississippi?  Somehow, I see the King of Mississippi using werewolves to somehow start a war between Louisiana and Mississippi.

-I am glad the show decided to just use wolves.  If they had went with giant wolves like from Twilight, it would have ended up being lame.  Plus it actually makes sense, since when Sam shifts he becomes a normal animal, why would the werewolves be any different?

-I was wondering if they were going to address the fact that Sam had some of Bill’s blood.  Sam’s dream of Bill coming to his motel and offering him to shower together was pretty funny, if not slightly uncomfortable.

-Are the magistrates more powerful than the queens/kings?  The hierarchy of vampires on this show is pretty cool.  I need a chart or something.

-“Conscience off, dick on.”  The greatest piece of advice ever given.

-I really wish they would just kill Tara off.  She is really quite useless.  Sadly though, we get to deal with her for another season and now we have to listen to her bitch about losing Eggs.

Anyways, I am excited about next week’s episode.

2 thoughts on “True Blood: Season Three Premiere

  1. again I say, “read the books!” if you like the vampire hierarchy the books are full of it.

    also, Tara not that big a deal in the books!

  2. yeah, but it seems like the show is only loosely based on the books, so maybe the hierarchy is different? and i will get to them, i still have 4000 pages to read in my current series.

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