True Blood/Treme

It is Sunday night (technically Monday morning) and that means two great shows on HBO.

True Blood
-So the werewolves are really no match for a vampire, unless they are hopped on vampire blood?  Bill pretty much killed the five he faced, or at least three of them.  He ripped an ear off one and did not face the one named Cooter.

-A war between Mississippi and Louisiana?  Really?  Would this be like a battle of the illiterate?  Do all vampires live in the moron states?  I am being mean to both states and I apologize to anyone from there who is reading this.

-Jason is still one of the coolest characters ever.  The stuff that comes out of his mouth cracks me up.  I really hope he decides to take the case of the missing Bill Compton.  He will not find him, but he will probably end up in Alaska fighting Santa Claus.

-Is Jessica’s dead trucker going to turn into some kind of freaky zombie?  Like the doctor in Blade?  Jessica should have just talked to Pam, maybe just ask her for help.  Now this thing will be out killing everything and it will be up to Eric to kill it…

-Speaking of Eric, how cool is he?  “Stop crying, it makes me feel………human.”  Goes from being all honest and heartfelt to talking about having primal animalistic sex with Sookie.

-And it all comes back to Sookie, she is oh-so-special.  Oh, and she was Bill’s assignment from the Queen?  Hmm, sound odd to anyone?  I know, I know, I should read the books.

-Only complaint:  the stupid blood/food references.  “He only ate tangerines for a week.”  Blood made into dessert, blood champagne.  It was dumb.  Knock it the hell off.

Tonight was the season finale, and let me say that it was a fantastic season.  It ended the way it started:  with a second line parade.  This time for the funeral of Daymo.

Annie catches Sonnie being a scumbag and decides to ask Davis if she can stay with him.  This comes after Davis takes Janette out for her final day in New Orleans in an attempt to convince her to stay.  How the hell Davis gets girls is beyond me…

-The show then does a flashback of the characters making their decisions to leave/stay in New Orleans during Katrina.  It was such a cool scene.  Seeing how the characters got to where they are, and how Daymo got arrested.

-The saddest part had to be when Cray’s wife finds his note in his wallet.  She knows it was suicide.  The best part about it though, the way the police handled it.  Especially since she comes down hard on the New Orleans Police Department most of the series.  David Morse is such a good actor

-The parade of Indians with Big Chief was actually pretty damn cool.  I loved how after it was done, you think that father and son will bond and be all buddy-buddy.  Then they start playing music together and you see that those fights and problems will always be there.

Before I go on to long and tell you all how great the show was, I am just going to recommend everyone start watching Treme.  And I also realize that there was no GOTW this week, so without further adieu:  I give you Kristin Bauer van Straten.  She plays Pam on True Blood.

 I think she is pretty hot and she is such a sassy bitch.  I love it.

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  1. as i keep saying, there are so many other books that i want to read at the moment that these ones do not seem all that urgent…

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