3 Questions With Cory Giger

As I have said before, I enjoy Cory Giger’s radio show and his new thing of asking three questions is pretty cool.  Yesterday he asked these questions and I wanted to answer them for the rest of you.

1.  What do you think of Cowboys rookie Dez Bryant refusing to take part in the typical rookie hazing of carrying another player’s pads?

When I first tuned in, I did not know what Bryant refused to do aside from being hazed.  My initial thought was that it was something weird, like wearing a pink thong in the locker room.  Then, I realized they meant carrying pads.

I do not think it really matters though, if he does not want to take part, that is his problem.  Granted, he better not cry when one of his teammates forgets to block for him and he gets crushed by some free safety.  He should have carried the pads and made jokes while doing it.  Mock them for being old.  Or if carrying Roy Williams pads, make a joke about not wanting Williams to drop them…Roy Williams is still a receiver on the Cowboys, right?

Maybe Bryant wants to turn things around for the Cowboys.  He is standing up against the old ways, which have not been so successful the last few years.  This is something that should have been handled inside the locker room or out on the practice field.  Unfortunately, these non-stories always end up becoming such a big deal.

2. How many games will Big Ben actually be suspended this season — 4 or the full 6?

Ben will serve four games.  Unless he does something stupid in the next few weeks (always possible), he should be in the clear.

3.  Better actor/actress: Tom Hanks or Meryl Streep?

Cory decided to go with Meryl Streep, mainly because of her Oscar nominations and the fact that she has been in dramatic/comedic/whatever roles.  But, seriously, Tom Hanks all the way.  Have you seen Joe Versus the Volcano?  Greatest movie of all time.

I do agree with Cory that Hanks’ performance in Cast Away was one of the greatest of all time, and from that I just cannot see what Streep has done that is better.  Plus, and this is going to piss off the feminists again, how many really good actresses are out there?  I mean, Streep gets nominated because they could not find anyone else…I know, it is sad, but true.

Anyways, Oscar nominations are like Gold Gloves.  They look great on a resume, but do they really prove how good you are?  As Robert Wuhl says:  “Ben Affleck has an Oscar, I shit you not!”