Batman News

Last night while I was lying (or is it laying, I can never remember that rule) in bed, I started thinking about Batman 3 and who would be the villain.  When I wrote about it back then, the big rumor was Johnny Depp as the Riddler, which I just could not see.  Anyways, my thought last night was that Nolan would probably use someone from Inception.  Joseph Gordon-Levitt could work as the Riddler, but I could also see Nolan somehow using Tom Hardy as a villain.

I am not saying Hardy should be the Riddler, but after his performance in Inception, he should definitely be a villain.  He had the cool, charming, and also witty lines that would make him a fun bad guy.

What kind of villain could he play though?  How about Deadshot?  I do not believe Floyd Lawton to be British, but whatever, that is a detail that could be overlooked.  It would definitely work if they did it where Deadshot is hired by someone, maybe the Riddler, to kill Batman.

Anyways, it is just a thought, but I can almost guarantee we see Hardy or Gordon-Levitt (or both) in the next Batman movie.