Books Page

As some of you have noticed, I made some changes around here.  There was a problem with the template I was using, it made it way too difficult to actually add the new features that blogger keeps implementing.  You can now share my awesome posts on facebook, twitter, etc…

This also allowed me to move the pages bar to the top and add a page about books.  This page will be updated periodically.  It will just be a list of all the books I have ever read.  Or at least as many as I can remember reading.  At the moment it contains just the books here on my bookshelf.  I have also linked the books that I have written about.

I plan on including books that I have read for college courses.  I will only include the textbooks that I have read at least 75%, many of those books were read over and over for different classes, so I figure they should count.  If it is something I did not read completely, I will put an asterisk by it.

That brings me to the Bible.  I have definitely read more of it than most people.  In fact, if you can read Numbers and Leviticus you can pretty much sit through anything.  I took enough courses where we read a bunch of different books of the Bible, depending on the course focus.

Finally, if you want me to write about any book on the list, feel free to ask me.