Fantasy Baseball Week Fifteen

Even though it was a shortened week, it was great to actually get a win.  I beat Big Jacker 7-3, which keeps me in fourth place.  I will probably remain there the rest of the season, unless something drastic happens.

Big Jacker is one of the people that likes to add and drop whatever pitchers are starting for the day.  As I have said before, this can be useful for gaining wins and strikeouts, but not good for WHIP/ERA.  Mainly because you are always picking up fourth and fifth starters.  We tied in wins with five, and my team pumped out 53 Ks to his 46, which is pretty damn awesome.

My hitting was pretty unspectacular, but it was enough to win, so that is all that matters.  I am still in the market to trade a pitcher for a grade-A hitter.  I actually picked up Edinson Volquez and dropped Ricky Romero.  Romero was one of my nice pickups, but I think I may have gotten the majority of his quality starts.  Fangraphs predicts him to go 5-5 with 73 Ks for the rest of the year.  I did notice that Offord picked him up, so good luck to him I suppose.

Anyways, Volquez had a great first start.  Picked up a win, 9 Ks, and a 1.50 ERA/0.83 WHIP.  I doubt he pitches like this the rest of the year (although he does pitch in the NL Central, so he should face the Pirates a few times).

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Fifteen

  1. Haha, true. i guess it worked out for you with that nice trade. although, I really have no clue what ryan got out it?

  2. I guess he valued Reyes more than I did.. By the stats, Reyes and Andrus are practically even. Romero was a waiver pick up and with Beckett off the DL I had pitchers to deal. Didn’t think I had enough to pull in Sabathia, especially with his track record in second halves of seasons, but got lucky I guess.

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