Fantasy Baseball Week Fourteen

Nothing like beating a guy 6-5, especially when that guy does not even check his team.  I almost lost to the last place guy because his pitchers decided to post up four wins, 3.21 ERA, and a .98 WHIP.  He almost beat me in saves as well.  His one closer almost had as many as my four…ridiculous.

Not much changes with the standings, Offord is still in first place, especially after Jason and Ryan tied 6-6.  At the moment I am in shortstop hell.  Mike Aviles had a .111 average this week and a .190 OBP.  I did pick up Troy Tulowitzki who is still on the DL, so I just need someone as a stopgap until he gets healthy.

I am willing to trade some of my pitching, either a starter or a closer for a solid bat.  Someone with a high average would be nice.  I am willing to part with Lincecum or any of the closers.  Hopefully someone will jump on this for me…

Congratulations to David Dejesus, the only player to hit over .300 for the week.  This picture cracked me up and made me quite happy that DeJesus could hit well this week so I could use it…

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Fourteen

  1. I don’t really have a bat to part with or I would. I would consider dealing Brennan Boesch but I doubt he is Lincecum worthy..

  2. I wish some of our fellow league-mates actually paid attention and would accept/reject a trade every once in awhile.

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