Fantasy Baseball Week Sixteen

I lost to Gideon 7-4-1, which was not so bad, except that it dropped me to fifth place and I am very close to dropping to sixth place.  I just need to destroy Ryan this week and make myself feel much better.  Hopefully, my team decides to actually play well this week.

My pitchers finally decided to suck.  Only two freakin’ wins, and one of them was from a closer.  Lincecum pitched well the other day, but did not pick up a win.  Same with R.A. Dickey.  It is actually extremely irritating watching your pitchers do well, but not get a win.

The bright is that Troy Tulowitzki will be back this week.  I do not expect huge things from him, but he has to be an upgrade over Mike Aviles.  Joey Votto had a huge week for me, 3 HRs and a .375 average.  That was about it though, everyone else sucked.  Okay not really, but Braun and Vlad will not have such crappy weeks, so I am okay with it.