Girlfriend of the Week

Since last week’s GOTW went over so well, I almost decided not to do one this week.  Then I realized that it is my blog and I will do whatever the hell I want.  Actually, this week’s GOTW is someone my feminist fan-base can get behind:  Sephie of Meridian.  I realize that a comic book character from a failed publisher is probably not the best example, but allow me to explain.

Sephie is very attractive, but not really the ideal comic book girl.  She does not have huge boobs or a revealing costume.  In fact, she wears normal clothes, usually pants and a work shirt.  Of the Crossgen books, Meridian was one of my favorite, mainly because it was different.

So there ladies, if you want a nice positive role model, look at Sephie.  She helped save the universe (well maybe, no one really knows how things ended for the Crossgen Universe) and did it by using her wits and weird super powers granted to her by a god-like being…oh and just so you know, Crossgen had plenty of books with big breasted girls wearing very little clothing.

Hell, if you look at the cover over on the right, she is sitting there reading a book.  Do you realize how sexy I find that to be?  I do believe by this issue she was of the legal age (I think on Meridian the consent law is 16, not that I checked or anything).

See, I can be a sensitive person when it comes to gender equality…