Girlfriend of the Week

This week’s GOTW is Jordan Hinson.  You may have seen her on Eureka or maybe not.  I am probably one of the only people out there that enjoys the show.  I realize she is not super hot or anything, but she has something…especially on the show.  She is just cute and spunky.  I like that…

She is nineteen, so she is legal.  That makes me happy since I am not a pedophile or anything.  Seriously.

She has small breasts, but there is nothing wrong with that.  Or nothing wrong with a boob job.  She does have a fantastic ass…

3 thoughts on “Girlfriend of the Week

  1. I couldn’t help myself anymore. Food for thought
    Naomi Wolf argues that women in Western culture are damaged by the pressure to conform to an idealized concept of female beauty—the Iron Maiden throughout modern society, from Victorian Times to today. She argues that the beauty myth is political, a way of maintaining the patriarchal system. It allows women to enter the labour force, but under controlled conditions. She also claims that this system keeps women under control by the weight of their own insecurities.

    Really? Must we itemmize this girl and rob her of her “wholeness” to “needing a boob job, and to the level of “a nice ass?” I realize this will make absolutely no differce, but I can’t watch a 19 year old (almost child) be another subject of male crudeness. It’s sickening.

  2. Yikes, looks like I pissed off my feminist fan-base.

    Technically, I never said she needed a boob job, just that there was nothing wrong with a boob job or small boobs. And yes, saying she has a fantastic ass is absolutely terrible.

    When I wrote about the show after first watching, I did talk about the reasons I enjoyed her character and they had nothing to do with her looks. Jordan Hinson is fine actor and I hope to see her in many more shows and movies over the years. I am sure my comments will not hinder her career opportunities…

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