Mad Men Season Three

I kept putting it off, but yesterday I finally went out and picked up Mad Men season three.  Needless to say, I watched most of it last night and finished it this afternoon.  It was absolutely amazing.  A quick review of what happened during this season:

-A man loses his foot in a lawnmower accident at the office:  Roger makes great jokes.
Kinsey:  He might lose his foot.
Roger:  Right when he got his foot in the door.

Roger:  In this business, this has definitely happened before.

Also, the Brits who act appalled because he is losing his foot and will not be able to golf again.  Absolutely hilarious.

-The agency gets sold again and by the end of the season, Cooper, Sterling, Draper, and Pryce have decided to start their own agency.  They leave and bring Harry, Peggy, and Pete with them.  Bringing Pete was one of my favorite parts of the season.

Pete is the character we love to hate.  Yet, he is good at his job and his need for approval from Don makes him valuable to Don.

-This season caused me much hatred for Betty Draper.  She is such an idiot at times and such a shitty mother.  The whole childish crap with her dad and brother made me angry.  The way she acted about Sally pissed me off.  Then she uses Don’s false identity to justify her wanting to go screw the other guy.  Don was right, she is a whore.

-I wonder with Betty out of the picture, will Don continue to seek out women who are so unlike him.  Remember, season one it was Midge, season two it was the girl from California, and this season was Suzanne.  All of them were free-spirited and completely opposite of Don.

-Speaking of Don Draper, what were the quotes like this season?  Fantastic.  Here are a few from him (and a few from Roger as well).

Don:  People may see things differently, but they don’t really want to.

Don: This is your brother. We don’t know who he is yet, or what he’s gonna be. And that is a wonderful thing.

Roger: I watched the sunrise today. Couldn’t sleep.
Don: How was it?
Roger: Average.

Don: Change isn’t good or bad. It just is.

Needless to say, I am pumped for the season four premiere.  Expect a post about each episode

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  1. I loved the end when Pete demands his name be in the lobby and they laugh and say there will not be a lobby…

    I hope we see Pete in the hotel lobby with a paper sign…Welcome to Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce, and Campbell.

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