This Week in TV

Mad Men
The season premiere started off a few months where we left last season.  SCDP (Sterling Cooper Draper Price) now has an office (they joke about the second floor to clients) and apparently Don has had some huge success with a new television ad.  He is kind of falling apart, he blows up at some clients.  He gives a crappy interview to an ad magazine and they lose another client.

His personal life is also looking pretty bad since he is sleeping with a hooker and wants her to smack him.  Roger sets him up on a date, which goes pretty well and the girl is definitely hot.  Roger had a great line about if the date goes well, maybe Don can stuff her Thanksgiving turkey.  Actually, Roger was hilarious all episode.  Don’s interview was with a one-legged reporter, which Roger comments that they could not even send a whole reporter.

That moves us to Betty.  Ugh.  She is still a terrible mother.  At Thanksgiving dinner, she acts like a bitch because Sally is doing what small children normally do:  make a scene and act like monsters.  Granted, she is still smokin’ hot and I cannot believe her new husband did not just jump her in bed.

Anyways, Sundays are a great night for TV, especially if you leave work and come home to a full DVR.

True Blood
There were so many great moments during this episode.  My favorite had to be Eric attacking the Queen and threatening to rip her head off.  In fact, Eric was awesome the entire episode.  I am excited to see how he deals with Russell.

It became pretty apparent that Sam’s brother was being used in a dog fighting ring, which is an interesting story.  I guess.  Why do I get the sense that Sam will get there and feel the only choice he has is to go into the ring.  I think this will bring Sam and Tommy closer together though, which is good.

Tara smashing Franklin’s head with a mace was pretty damn awesome.  I bet that turns him on.  He is such a crazy bastard, I love him and I really hope they do not get rid of him.  Seriously, a show about him traveling the country and being psychotic would be great.

Jason’s storyline is pretty dumb.  It was creepy watching him threaten the high school QB.  Is the girl some kind of shifter or just a hillbilly sex toy?  I could do without the Lafayette/Jesus make-out session, Tara ripping out Franklin’s throat or the whole Bill being tortured scene.

I have no idea why I watch this show.  There are usually some funny moments, but nothing hilarous.  Tonight’s episode featured Mageina Tovah, who played Ursala from the Spider-Man movies.  She played some rich girl, who Ray got to bang for her birthday.  She made him sing happy birthday while they had sex.

And yes ladies, I decided to be nice and post some pictures for you.  It will not happen very often.  So enjoy.