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I figured instead of writing about each television show I watch, it would be easier to just have a weekly write-up of some of the different shows that I enjoyed.

True Blood
We get to see the reason behind Eric’s werewolf hatred.  Apparently they killed his family and most likely they were working on orders from Russell (Mississippi vampire king).  The reason it seems that way:  we learn that Russell has been working with werewolves wherever he lives and he also has Eric’s father’s crown.

I almost always hate Tara’s storyline, but this season has been interesting.  Franklin cracks me up, he is the definition of batshit crazy.  His line about girls wanting to have that talk and then him seeing black and waking up next to a bunch of body parts was hilarious.

The Glades
I normally do not watch police shows, mainly because they are always the same.  Fortunately, this show is not so bad.  The main character is funny.  He is just a jerk and extremely annoying to everyone he encounters.  I love it.

Also, the show has my girl Kiele Sanchez.  She plays a nurse, studying to be a doctor.  She has a son and a husband who is in jail.  Jim is trying hard to bang her, as he should be, because she is hot…

The fourth season has started off with a little time-traveling.  Carter, Allison, Henry, Jo, and Fargo all head back to the 1940s.  They find a way back, but some things have changed.  For instance, Allison’s son no longer has autism or Fargo is in charge of Global Dynamic…

As this week’s episode comes to an end, the five realize that they cannot fix the time-line and must adapt to these changes.  I just hope they continue with this and do not fix this problem anytime soon.  Like they did with the whole alternate future where Henry and Carter came back from…

And this is the preview for something I am super excited for…

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