A Bunch of Randomness

Guess what today is?  Well yes, it is Wednesday, but that is not what I meant.  It is one of those days where I just put a bunch of random things out there.  Be prepare to be entertained.  And by entertained, bored out of your mind…

Baseball Stuff

Actually this video is not about the game, but of a funny fan.  This dude allows his girlfriend to get hit by a foul ball.  I would make fun of him, but I think it is hilarious.  Here is the lead in from Withleather:

It’s a tale as old as time – boy meets girl, boy courts girl, boy takes girl to Houston Astros game, boy turns hat sideways, batter hits foul ball, boy moves out of way, ball hits girl.

It made me laugh.  Hope you enjoy.

I am off on Friday (woo-hoo for eight day stretches) and I want to see some movies.  Preferably, The Expendables and Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.  So if any of you folks are around, please get in touch with me and we will see one or both.  I do enjoy a double feature…

Speaking of movies.  Is anyone else extremely excited for Piranha 3D?  Look at this cast listing, there are a bunch of hot chicks in this movie and it looks like a silly film.  Plus it has my girl:  Riley Steele.  God she is so freakin’ hot.

Vacation Situation
Allow me to tell you all a story.  Each year I get three weeks of vacation time.  This year I decided to buy an extra week.  They do it by payroll deduction, and it is actually a very good deal since they take the money out of your gross pay, you barely notice the money is gone.

Normally I take my first vacation in April in order to go to the Pirates home opener, but this year because of some problems at work, I was not able to take vacation that week.  Instead I was just given days off for the game.

Now, it is the beginning of August and I still have two weeks left.  The problem is when should I take them.  I am thinking some time at the end of September, maybe the week before my birthday or maybe the week of my birthday.  What about the last one though?

Here is my thought on that, if I do not take that fourth week, they will send me a check for the amount.  Yes, a pretty sweet deal.  I am thinking of collecting that money and maybe buying a flatscreen television and maybe a PS3.  Why would I want a PS3?  Well it is a blu-ray player and even though I do not play video games, I could always play hockey, especially against my brother.

So what are your opinions on this situation?

UPDATE:  Hey, I added more books to the umm books page.  Check it out.

2 thoughts on “A Bunch of Randomness

  1. I always think money is better than vacation time spent at home. If you’re gonna spend the vacation time traveling, go for the vacation. If you’re gonna spend it laying around the house, go for the money. You can lie around after you get home from work.

    A caveat of course being if work stresses you out to the point where you need some unimpeded Josh time. You don’t seem that stressed though.

  2. Plus, laying at home after work enjoying a nice big screen tv is much better than watching a 27″ old school television. yeah, i think i’ll take the money.

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