Crystal Meth and Football

Crystal Meth
When you picture a meth dealer, what do you see in your mind?  I see these kind of people:

T.C. from the Preacher comics.  Fish rape is always funny.  

Calvin Norris from True Blood

But does anyone ever picture this?  A figure skating champion?  Seriously, does she look like the type of person that is running a meth lab?  Trying to destroy people’s lives?  Not to me.  Sadly though, Nicole Bobek was arrested and charged with conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine.

It is good to see that kids who are yanked out of school in order to fulfill a dream of figure skating, could fall down a dark path.  She grew up without friends and then went a bit broke, so she decided to turn to dealing meth as a way to support herself.  Great call.

Penn State Quarterback Issue
Apparently the QB situation at PSU is not the greatest.  From what I am hearing (mainly from radio shows and the local papers), neither Kevin Newsome or Matt McGloin look all that spectacular.

Fortunately, the one who has looked good so far is true freshman Robert Bolden.  He is big, strong, and quite mobile.  According to BleacherReport, he would probably be the most appropriate to take over the HD Spread Offense.

The Nittany Lions are not going undefeated this year, heck they could possibly lose as many as five games this year (which would really suck).  Why not start Bolden?  Give him the shot.  Look at what other freshman QBs have done.  Yes, he will have his moments of failure, but those moments will be better than moments of failure during huge games in the future.  That is what always seems to happen with PSU, the quarterback gets little chances and then is thrown into a situation they are not ready for…

“Live a life worth imitating by imitating Christ.”
That is the newest sign the crazy church has up on the way to work.  It made me laugh for a solid five minutes because all I could picture was a bunch of 30-somethings being nailed to a cross.  Yeah, that would be a life worth imitating.

Always look on the bright side of life…

Or even better, maybe I will start going around to funerals and try to raise the dead guy.  When the mourning ask what the hell I am doing, I will just blame Christ.  “Hey man, he could raise the dead, right?  I am just imitating my hero JC.”

Never mind, the Lutheran’s already beat me to it.