Fall Television Shows

Can you believe that it is time for the TV shows to come back on?  That is actually kind of depressing.  Summer went by way too fast.  I have not done a preview of what I will be watching in awhile (2 years), but it seems like a good idea since so many good shows ended last year.  Okay actually just Lost and 24, but you get the point.

Sons of Anarchy
Oh god yes!  Thank you for coming back.  Do you realize how tough it was waiting for this season?  Granted, I finally watched season one during the summer, and it was absolutely awesome.  Anyways, Jax will have to go after Cameron, who kidnapped his son.  I am sure that Jax and Clay will put aside their issues for the time being (like they did in order to deal with Gemma’s rape) and reign fire down upon Ireland.  Good.

Last season ended with House and Cuddy finally hooking up.  How will this change our favorite doctor?  Honestly, it is a good thing that the show is funny because the plot is generally pretty weak.  Anyways, it always makes me laugh, and really, what else is there to watch on a Monday?

Sam and Dean defeated the devil and the rest of the dickbag angels.  Dean survived and decides to settle down with Lisa.  As the show ends we see that Sam has indeed survived and is happy to see Dean moving on.  I am sure they will be reunited somehow and they will go back to killing things.  As I say all the time, hopefully they will head down to Louisiana to take out some vampires, werewolves, werepanthers, fairies, and shifters…

Other Shows I Will Be Watching
The League
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Human Target
Destination Truth
The Event
Boardwalk Empire
The Walking Dead

You might be asking why I would punish myself by watching V again.  I honestly have no idea why I will watch it.  It might have something to do with the hot girls…and the shitty story.

So, what shows will you be watching?