Fantasy Baseball Week Eighteen

Well I guess a win is a win.  Unfortunately it was not a huge win, only 6-5-1 against Pat.  Sadly, it kept me in sixth place behind pretty much everyone else.

How weird is it that my team won the rate states in hitting, but lost the rate stats in pitching?  On the other hand though, my accumulative stats in hitting sucked, I mean two home runs?  What the hell is up with that?  Oh well, best not to question the fantasy baseball gods. 

It was nice to see Ryan Braun having a good week, hitting .538, but the best surprise was Troy Tulowitzki, who hit .500 with one HR and one SB.  What a good pickup from the disabled list.  I guess his mullet gave him the power…

Pitching wise, well it was just such a shitty week for me.  Colby Lewis–16 Ks, yet zero wins.  Hell, of my two wins, one came from Broxton…a freakin’ closer!  Shit is totally unacceptable. 

This week I take on Jason, who is also struggling lately.  Please baseball gods allow me to win.