Fantasy Baseball Week Seventeen

Why the hell did I open my big mouth?  Ryan bent me over and well let me say that I ended up with six stitches (that is an American History X quote).  I lost 11-0.  I have dropped to sixth place and now have a losing record.  I do not know if I will even make the playoffs at this point.  Let us look at how bad it was…

My team hit .276, which normally would not be all that terrible, but Ryan’s team just stomped on my nuts with a pair of Stilettos.  Two of his guys hit over .500 for the week, do you realize what that does?  That helps bring those morons who hit .150 back down to over .300. 

Ryan’s pitching beat me pretty handily too, but it appears that he had a few guys get two starts this week, which just sucks for me because I will probably have that kind of week this week (I have a bunch of guys pitching tomorrow, so they should all pitch again on Sunday…)  Unfortunately, those performances never happen when you need them.

He even beat me in saves (Andrew Bailey got hurt), which blows because with four solid closers, I usually win that one.  Also, neither of us picked up a hold.  Tyler Clippard is starting to fall apart.  I picked up Evan Meek, who could either pick up holds or saves now that Dotel is gone…

I refuse to give any of my players any kind of positive reinforcement.  Fuck ’em.

One thought on “Fantasy Baseball Week Seventeen

  1. Yeah, that was a pretty rough week for you. My teams, beginning to come around I think. I’m kinda pissed at myself for either ignoring or not noticing the fact that Morales was out for the season. That DL spot was definitely wasted and I could have had some solid pickups if I had dropped him sooner. Oh well. That’s the story of this whole season. I usually pride myself on my waiver moves, but this year I seem to be making all the wrong decisions. My goal is 4th place come the playoffs.

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