Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty

You know you are having a bad season when you go 10-1-1 and that does not bump you up the standings at all.  I am still in sixth place, but at least now I am closer to passing Gideon.  The rough thing is having to root for Ryan/Offord in order for me to have a better week.

You know it is a good week when Jason Heyward can go 4/4 with 2 home runs and you have him on the bench.  Austin Jackson also came back to life this week, six runs, .387 average, .406 OBP.  And he hit a home run, which is rare for him.

The only negative spot came from my pitching not getting wins.  I only picked up two, which they came from the guys who pitched twice.  Oddly enough though, they both pitched great, but only picked up one win each.  I am going to have to give up on Edinson Volquez though, he had a terrible this week and then yesterday he got destroyed.  So it is time to cut him lose.

This week I take on Offord.  I need Ryan and Pat to destroy their opponents (Happy Valley Swagger and Gideon respectively), so good luck to those guys as well.

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