Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-One

Woo-hoo!  I beat Offord 7-4!  Unfortunately, my team did not play all that great.  Well the pitching sucked.  I think all of my starters decided to just pretend it was batting practice.  I mean look at these numbers:  8.71, 6.75, 67.50…those are just the starters ERAs.  Well some of them (the first one is Ted Lily, who had two starts and a win).  Fortunately, my hitting came through for once with a nice win.

My two studs were Ryan Braun and Joey Votto.  The nice thing is that everyone else (minus a catcher, yeah I am looking at you Miguel) hit well enough to not sink those two down.

Anyways, this win did not do much for me in the standings.  In fact, this is the last week before the playoffs.  I must win.

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