Television That Me Watched Week Past

Mad Men

Watching a person’s downward spiral is always fun, but in this case seeing Draper like this is quite sad.  Yeah, the Allison thing is kind of creepy, but that is not what bothered me.  When he had troubles remembering the idea Peggy wanted to use, that seemed like a low point.  He just seemed so out of it.  Through all of his exploits, the one thing that never really suffers is his work…uh oh.

Aside from that though, there were so many great moments in this week’s show:
-Pete was awesome.  Especially when he calmly shrugs when his father-in-law calls him a son of a bitch.
-Peggy and the lesbian.  “He doesn’t own your vagina.”  “No, but he rents it.”   I could totally see Peggy as a lesbian, but I think she could do a little bit better.  She bagged Pete and he bitches and moans like a woman…
-Was that Nic Cage dressed as a bear again?
-Don trying to type a letter to Allison while slightly inebriated.  I bet that would be the precursor to the drunken text message.

True Blood
Blah blah blah.  A bunch of idiotic stuff happened.  And then all of a sudden it went from ugh, to OH MY GOD THIS IS FUCKIN’ AWESOME!

Eric explains to Nan and the Authority why Russell is evil and how he needs to be stopped.  They basically do not believe him and issue an order that Eric has permission to rid them of Russell, but he will get no help from them.

Bill goes to the land of naked dancing.  I wonder if that lady is Queen Titania?  Or something similar?  How close am I on this one?  If Puck shows up, I will be happy.

The whole Jason/Sam/Crystal/Meth Dealer/Tommy/Tara/Franklin story is way too convoluted.  I actually zoned out when Tara was taken by Franklin.  The next thing I know Jason shows up and kills Franklin.  Thanks Jason for ruining my chance of a world without Tara.

Like I said, I was starting to get bored with the episode and then it decided to blow my mind.  Nan is going down on some chick, when she hears a news report about the vampire rights amendment.  The news anchor’s chest explodes because Russell jams his arm through him.  On live television.  He then sits down and gives a nice rant about how vampires are not equal to humans.  All while having a bloody arm and hold a man’s spine.

How will people handle seeing a vampire like that?  Angry and virtually unstoppable.  Sadly, this is not something they will explore for very long.  I am sure that Eric will kill him at some point and the Vampire League will convince everyone that vampires are safe.

My cousin asked me if I was enjoying this season.  Yes, this season is exploring something that I wish they had done two seasons ago.  Back then we saw an alternate time-line where Carter and Allison were married.  Carter has to go back in time to stop Henry from destroying the universe, but when he does, things change.  He and Henry remember the whole alternate time-line.  I do not think the writers were ready for that kind of story and decided to mindwipe Henry and Jack…

This time we get to see the repercussions of being in a different time-line.  In this last episode, Henry tells his wife everything and he later explains that he wants to get to know her.  I only wish that Nathan Stark would still be alive in this universe…