This Past Week in Television

True Blood
I thought my dream was about to come true:  maybe a few episodes without Sookie.  If she would have stayed in a coma for like three episodes, that would have been great.  But, if she wants to go back to orgy-land, then by all means, I could put up with her dumb questions and idiotic accent.  Sorry, sometimes I feel like she is the worst part of the show.

Do you think Tara is shitting her pants now that she realizes that Franklin is most likely still alive (or whatever vampire term is appropriate)?  Also, I loved the whole werewolf fight.  We figured at some point Alcide and Cooter would turn into wolves and duke it out.  Cooter started to change and then BAM.  Alcide just shoots him in the head.  Very wise.

Also, did anyone else think the doctor was a bit of a moron?
Doctor:  She has lost a lot of blood.
Tara:  How much did she lose?
Doctor:  A lot.

Wow, brilliant southern medicine.

Don chose the wrong secretary…

Mad Men
Did anyone else think that things were going to turn ugly when Don started kissing his secretary, Allison?  I mean, rape bad.  When she pulled away, I thought Don was going to go down a path that we would never be able accept.  Fortunately, she relented and they had sex on the couch.  Could Don Draper be at a lower point in his life right now?  Sleeping with your secretary is a bad idea, good thing it is the 1960s and there is no such thing as sexual harassment.

I kept expecting Roger to punch Lee Garner Jr.  Or for Roger to have Sal walk in and make everything extremely awkward.  As usual, Roger gets the great line:  “we need to go from convalescent home to roman orgy.”

I wish someone would have told Peggy’s boyfriend that bringing a girl cookies is a nice thing, but it does not guarantee sex.  Trust me, I have brought girls cookies before.  If you want to ensure sex, lace the cookies with ether.

Do you watch this show?  You should.  Let me explain what the show is like.  You know how Aqua Teen Hunger Force is basically short skits for stoners?  Well, Louie is basically two funny short segments, but instead of aimed at stoners it is aimed at people who are depressed.

In last week’s episode he deals with a heckler.  He says some of the nastiest things possible to this girl and then afterwords, she wants to know why he treated her that way.  He goes on some more and then causes her to storm away.  His comedian friends point out that he could have slept with her, but he went too far.  His reponse:  “shit.”  Depressingly funny.  Anyways, here is a video from the second episode.  That is another great thing about the show, plenty of stand-up fun.