This Week in Television

Mad Men
This was the best thing I watched all week, hands down.  Don’s trip to California to see Anna was quite interesting.  We learn that she has some kind of bone cancer and will die soon, unfortunately she does not know this because her sister did not tell her.  What the hell kind of person does that?

It was great seeing Don so vulnerable around her.  And I also loved the way they had her sitting there drinking and smoking on the couch, in the familiar “Don Draper Pose”.  As much as the middle of the show was going into extreme downer mode, Don makes a quick turnaround into the always fun extremely-drunk funtime.

He and Lane decide to celebrate New Years together.  They get drunk.  Obviously.  These are some of the highlights:

-Seeing Godzilla at the theater (and drinking), Don comments that everyone is getting handjobs.  Lane asks what percentage and some lady shushes them.  Lane then starts making Japanese noises at the lady.  This is the beginning of Lane’s drunken insanity.

-At some fancy restaurant, Lane stands up and puts his T-Bone steak in front of his crotch and exclaims that he has a giant Texas belt buckle.  Everyone cheers.

-Lane provokes a comedian who keeps insinuating that Don and Lane are gay by yelling they are not homosexuals (British folks are so funny when they say homosexuals), but that they are divorced.  He is becoming a new favorite character…

-Lane shocks the hell out of me by sleeping with the hooker Don arranged for him.  The next morning, he comes out of the room and looks so dignified, whereas Don looks like a train-wreck.  Oh and even better, Lane knew she was a prostitute.  I really thought he would freak out about the whole situation.

True Blood
Eric is awesome.  That is all that needs to be said.  He keeps leading Talbot on and eventually they start having some crazy homo-vampire sex.  In the middle of it though, Eric says that Russell took his family and now he will take Russell’s.  He then kills Talbot, which causes Russell to stop beating the crap out of Bill.

How the hell do the meth dealers know that Sam is a shifter?  Are they wolves?  Obviously Sam and Tommy could sense something.  Oh Jason…

Sookie’s cousin was very hot tonight in that lingerie.  I only wish I could find a picture…this one will have to suffice.  What did she tell Eric about Sookie?  What is Sookie?  I bet she is a descendant of Gandalf the White (not the Gray)…

Eureka/Warehouse 13
This week was the big crossover event.  Sadly, this was not what I expected.  Fargo and Claudia?  It was amusing I suppose, but it was definitely not what I expected.  Why not Claudia and Zoe?  Myka and Jack?  Jo and Pete…all characters that could cross and it could be entertaining.  Also, the blossoming romance between Fargo and Claudia is a bit weird since I got the sense that Claudia was a teenager…

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  1. I would love to tell you if your thoughts about True Blood are correct. However, I don’t want to spoil anything for you so I will just say “read the books” *L*

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