This Week’s Shitty Television Women Saga

 Mad Men
 This was an excellent episode.  Before I get into the title of this post, let me talk about the other stuff in the episode.  There is nothing better than seeing Don Draper at work.  At first I was worried that Don was going to be in trouble with this new guy, but then he comes up with this brilliant plan to destroy him.  It was so impressive.  Another great thing was watching Roger go at it with Pete.  Roger was full of great lines.

That now brings us to Betty Draper.  Or as I like to call her:  World’s Worst Mother.  First, Sally cuts off her hair, which Betty smacks her for.  Then, Sally starts playing with herself, which Betty thinks she is abnormal.  She wants to send her daughter to a psychiatrist (actually Henry does, since Betty does not think for herself), and she calls Don to inform him.  She sounds like such a nutcase.

I also love how the doctor realized that Betty is crazy.  She suggests that Betty see her on occasion, in order to go over Sally’s progress.  Betty is more childish than Sally.  I love how she thinks all of Sally’s behavior can be attributed to Don’s sex life.

True Blood
Am I the only one who wants Tara to die already?  Just get over all this crap already.  Remember how she was funny in the first episodes where she would get angry about any kind of racial remarks?   Well she does the same thing about vampires.

She is just so boring.  Her story sucks.  The way she gets all upset and talks fast like a spaz, ugh.  And now Jason has told her the truth about Eggs.  Hopefully Russell will fly in and pull her head off.  That is all I ever hope for.

We found out that Crystal is a werepanther.  I am confused, why was Calvin so anti-shifter?  I thought werewolves and werecats were just shifters who can only shift into that one animal.  Or did I imagine that from one of the seasons?  I guess I imagined that…

Oh and we finally found out what Sookie is:  a fairy.  Big freakin’ deal.  I pretty much said that last week (or did you people not get my reference?  Probably not).

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