Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Four

Oh wow!  What an awesome week.  I have never lost before in such a great fashion.  I am not kidding, if this had been the World Series, this was like a game seven, walk off home run type game, not a four game sweep.  Let me show you our (Ryan and me) match up on Sunday:  my team is Gorkys is God.

After Sunday:

I almost caught him on AVG and OBP, but it came down to David Aardsma picking up a save and none of my guys even going in to pitch.  I knew all season that my team was better than fifth place (I think seventh place at one point) and this confirmed it for me.  However, I just want to let Ryan know that this was the most fun I have had all season.  I came home every night from work and the first thing I did was check our score.  The best part was how close it was all week.  Congratulations Ryan, I will be rooting for you against Offord (sorry Offord).

This week I take on Jason.  This is the final week, so it will last two weeks.  Instead of a picture of one of my players, allow me to show you both teams final stats.

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Baseball Week Twenty-Four

  1. I don’t want to say I’m going to blow Ryan out, but let’s just say that my team is the Alabama to his Penn State.

    Good effort though last week.. you almost came in 2nd.

  2. I was doing the same thing! The last night stat tracker actually said you were winning 7 to 5 at one point, and I was like “ah well, i’m fucked. Atleast I had a good season”. Then I got home later that night and saw that I was up, and the only thing you could catch me in was OBP and I think you had one more at bat with austin jackson I believe it was…the CF for Detroit? Something like that. I think if he would have gotten on base, OBP would have been yours and this would be a whole new discussion…Nice finish!

    I look to repeat this year. This would be 2 in a row, just so ya know!

  3. This was one of my worst years ever, my eventual placement notwithstanding. My draft sucked, I had awful luck (injury wise), my sleepers didn’t pan out, my overall management sucked (dropping 2 guys that went on to perform like gangbusters for the eventual winner, in favor of bums), etc.

    I’ve even heard rumblings in my city that people are asking I be replaced.

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