Live From Barnes and Noble!

Hey everyone, how are you folks today?  I am in Pittsburgh (to be a bit more precise, I am at the Barnes and Noble in Homestead, the Waterfront for those who have no clue).  I am sitting here, drinking a pumpkin latte (delicious) and basically killing time.  I figured I would bore you with the details of my last few days.

I decided to buy a new television on Monday.  I skipped out on going to Best Buy and followed my brother’s lead and went to Wal-Mart.  I debated heavily between the 47″ Vizio LCD and the 42″ Vizio LED.  The second one was a little bit more expensive, but nothing ridiculous.  I looked at both for a good twenty minutes and then finally decided on the 47″ (who says size doesn’t matter?).

The problem with being spontaneous is that you do not think about things like “how will I get this home?”  At first I was afraid that it would not fit into the Yaris.  Fortunately, after sliding the seats all the way up, it just fit.  Sadly, I had to drive home with my knees in my chest and my head over the steering wheel.

I set it up and figured while it was scanning for channels that I might as well call Comcast and get the HD set up.  It turns out that I was already set to go.  I turned to a HD channel and sure enough, glorious picture quality.  I spent the majority of the day just watching baseball/football highlights.

I am hoping to get a new TV stand soon.  The old one is just too high and old.  And ugly.  I think I want to rearrange my living room.  Maybe put the TV in the corner and angle everything.  What do you guys think?  You probably do not care, but whatever.  Since I have the laptop, I might as well get rid of the desk and chair.  Maybe get a recliner at some point in my life.  Apparently when you turn 30 you start thinking about interior decorating.  Weird.

Yesterday, my girlfriend and I went to the Robinson Mall.  I bought some clothes.  Actually I bought three shirts and a pair of jeans, and a jacket and shoes.  The jeans and dress shirt came from Banana Republic.  I bought two waffle shirts from Express and a fleece jacket from Eddie Bauer.  For those of you who know me, my black/gray Diesel shoes are about to fall apart.  So I bought a pair of Steve Madden shoes, they are also black and gray.  I got them at Macy’s for like $45 less than the same pair at Journey’s.  Sweet deal.

We then went to dinner at Bahama Breeze and she told me about my birthday present:  tickets to the Pen’s home opener!  I have never been to a Pen’s game, in fact the only hockey games I have ever been to were intramural games to watch my friend Jackson play.  Needless to say, I am excited.

Side note:  I do not watch reality television, but did anyone else see this promo during football on Sunday?  How the hell did she survive a watermelon to the face like that?



Anyways, where was I?  Oh yes, my girlfriend.  Right.  Later we went out to Bar Louie’s at the Waterfront.  We drank and had a great time.  And this leads me back to here.  She has my car, so I am spending the day at Barnes and Noble while she does a work thing.  No big deal.  Oh, what is that?  Yes, I have a girlfriend now.  You didn’t know that?  My bad. Unfortunately, I cannot give many details about her because of some things pertaining to That Place That Shall Not Be Named.  Needless to say, I am quite happy.  Smitten is a good way to describe it.

Do you guys remember this post?  I hope so, it was only a month ago.  Since then I decided to join a gym with a guy I work with, Brent.  I have not lost weight, but I do look better and I feel much better.  The first couple days I was extremely sore.  Actually, I was sore because I kept trying to do what I could when I used to lift at Penn State.
I know I promised not to use that picture again, but I could not resist.  You can actually see that I was in decent shape, albeit a little bit scrawny and still very hairy.  I am not there yet, but now I actually have some bulk to me, and I might be able put on some muscle.

It would be nice to have some musculature and not look a thirteen year old Thai sex slave.  Ugh, I just remembered my childhood.  We will not talk about what I did when I lived in Bangladesh.  Wow, this latte is making me very hyper.  Deal with it people.

Just a quick reminder for all you  folks out there:  Saturday I turn 30.  As of now, all I know is this: (can you use two colons in one sentence?  I am not sure, but I am going to do it!  I am a grammatical rebel!)  Penn State plays Iowa at 8:00 and my brother and his girlfriend want to take me out.  I am thinking the Pub at some point.  Maybe go to my mom’s for a bit.  Anyone can come.  I encourage it.  I beg you.  I implore you.  I explode with excitement.  Okay, I think that is enough.

I realize this picture from my phone is terrible, but I circled what I want you to notice.

Those are not one, but two magazines devoted to Hi-Fi.  The fascinating world of speakers and music players.  Oh shit, never mind, as I lean back, I can see about six more magazines devoted to this subject.  Who subscribes to this stuff?  Sorry if I offended anyone.

The more I think about it though, why are there still specialty magazines?  If you are interested in that sort of stuff, why not just use the internet?  I am sure there are plenty of blogs and reviews written about different speakers.

This lady just came up to the counter and told the guy that she wants a regular Pepsi, not diet.  Good thing she specified.  I want to get a Mountain Dew and say “I want a Mountain Dew, not a Pepsi.”  I wonder if the guy will get it?

People say idiotic shit all the time at work.  At least once a day I get someone to ask me if we have boxes for the pies.  My usual smartass response is:  Nope, you have to carry it around like that.  People also love to get change and there are very few occasion where I cannot figure out what they want.  For example:  if someone hands me a twenty, I usually give them a ten, a five, and five ones.  If they are just coming in, I might ask if they want quarters for the paper.  I love when people have to specify.  Can I get change for this ten?  A five and five ones.  No shit?  I was going to give you a roll of nickels, three ones, eight quarters, twenty dimes, and a gold dollar piece.  That would really mess with them.

I think I am going to finish up here and walk over to the movie theater.  I have no clue what I will watch, something good though.  Haha, what an idiotic statement.  I plan on going over and watching a bad movie.  I need to lay off the caffeine.

I have only had this laptop for like five months and I finally figured out how to take a picture with the webcam.  Oh yeah, me smart!  Have a great day folks.

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  1. Remember when we were work out buddies? Yea that is the last time I have regularly went to a gym.. also related, that is the last time I had a good guy friend. Good times though.

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