My Birthday

It is almost October 2nd.  What did you guys buy me for my birthday?  Actually, I do not want anything.  Well that is not true, but none of you bastards will buy me anything.  What I would like is for everyone to go out with me to celebrate my 30th birthday.

This is how I should look

I am thinking a bunch of us should go out in State College.   Start off at Champs for dinner and drinks.  Then head downtown and get a little bit ridiculous.  Maybe get a few hotel rooms, that way no one needs to attempt to drive home.

Also, if Camilla Belle is reading this:  you are more than welcome to come out with us to celebrate your birthday as well.  I promise, you will have a great time.  I realize that 24 is not as momentous as 30, but that is no reason to not have a good time…


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