Super TV Week

What a kick-ass week of television.  Without delay, here we go.

Sons of Anarchy

The season premiere kicked off with a bang.  Jax is depressed about Abel being kidnapped and it is starting to wear on the club.  At Half-Sack’s viewing, Clay tells him to man up.  Either accept that Abel is dead and seek vengeance or believe he is alive and tear the world apart looking for him.  A rival club thinks that SAMCRO is weak and decides to start shooting at them during the the viewing (was it the Mayans?).  Jax looks around and sees people shot and bleeding, he sees officer Hale run down and killed.  He snaps.  He runs after one of the members who the cops apprehend.  He tosses them out of the way and smashes the guys head off the ground, repeatedly.

I am guessing the season will focus on the town’s reaction to the shooting.  I bet they will start to turn on SAMCRO.  Also, is Jax going to snap and go on a face smashing spree?  That would be awesome. 

True Blood
The season finale was pretty sweet.  Sookie saves Eric, who sees Godric and decides to save Russell.  They chain a very charred Russell to a stripper pole and everyone goes to sleep.  Russell tries to bargain with Sookie.  It does not work and she ends up dumping Talbot’s remains down the garbage disposal.

Eric decides to dump Russell into a hole and cover him with concrete.  They figure that should hold him for about a hundred years (along with the silver chains).  Bill then pushes Eric into the hole as well.  Fortunately, Pam avoids the assassin that is sent after him and rescues Eric.

Bill tries to explain himself to Sookie, but then Eric shows up.  He tells her that Bill allowed her to be attacked and almost beaten to death in order to give her his blood.  He was supposed to give her to the queen.  Bill does not deny this and Sookie kicks them both out.

The show ends with Tara leaving (best part of the episode), Sam maybe shooting his brother, Sookie going to Fairyland (I wonder if that is close to Fairywood?), and Bill squaring off with the queen.  Lafayette’s boyfriend is a witch.  Jason’s girlfriend gets taken by her brother, who is addicted to V.  Jason breaks up the drug bust and I guess he is in charge of the little meth town…

Mad Men
Don may have a drinking problem.  At least he writes about it.  He also starts swimming.  Does he realize how he is destroying his body?  I liked how he watches everyone taking a drink and when he finally takes one he zones everything out…

Poor Peggy, she can never do anything right when it comes to Joan.  At least she got rid of Joey.  He was irritating.

From bathtub handjobs to taxicab blowjobs…classy

-Don takes out Bethany (was that her name) and she gives him a blowjob in the car.  She really likes him and I almost feel bad for her.  As she gets out of the car, she says to him that this is to be continued.  Don writes later that she probably practiced that line all day.

-Don then overhears Faye breaking up with a boyfriend and asks her out to dinner.  They go out and on the way home, they kiss in the car.  She asks where Don lives, but he says that he is having her dropped at home because that is all the further he can go at the moment.  Very mature for Don.

-The best thing was watching Betty fall apart when she saw Don on his date.  Also, the way Henry told her to shut up was great.  She is such a terrible human being.

-Speaking of Henry;  he tries to be all badass by running his car into a bunch of boxes labeled Draper.  He then calls Don at work and says that he is planning on buying a boat and needs the garage space and that Don should come get the boxes or he will put them in storage and just deduct it from the rent.  Don says he will stop over.

Don comes over Saturday, and the boxes are stacked on the curb.  You know that Henry felt pretty good about it, but as always Don was a few steps ahead.  He takes the boxes and tosses them in a dumpster.  I bet those boxes were empty, Don just left them in the garage to see how long Henry would tolerate them.

-Don then decides to go against everyone’s wishes and he shows up for Gene’s birthday party.  Way to go Don, keep sticking it to Henry and Betty.

The season finale was pretty damn impressive.  I know that many of you do not watch this show, but you really should.  It is so depressingly funny.  And yet at the end of the day, it just comes off as real.  Louie’s babysitter forces him to go out because she thinks he is kind of pathetic.  He tries to go out with some black comedians, but they are much cooler than him.  He then leaves and stops at one of the comedy clubs where he does a quick set.  He comes to the realization that he is good at two things:  comedy and raising his kids.  He leaves the club and goes home.  His girls wake up and he takes them for breakfast.  It was actually pretty cool.  As always though, his stand-up is just hilarious.  Just watch the show.